Research and explore managed care plans that require patient care to be managed or at least initially triaged by a primary care provider
July 12, 2019
One of the companies to first employ a successful cost leadership strategy was Carnegie Steel Company.
July 12, 2019

Describe the marketing opportunities and marketing goals for your chosen HCO.

Executive Summary
Provide a brief summary of the marketing plan.
State the objectives of the strategic plan.
Explain how your marketing plan will achieve specific objectives and support the organization’s business plan and strategic plan.

Market Analysis
Describe the organization’s products and services
Explain how these products and services meet the needs of the organization’s determined customer base.
Include relevant aspects from the SWOT analysis you conducted in Week Two.
State the competitive advantage your plan provides.

Environmental Analyses
Internal: Include an analysis of the role of leadership and employees, the communication processes, and the culture of the workplace.
External: Include an analysis of socioeconomic, legal, ethical, political, and technological factors that could affect the organization.
Describe how data, based on the quadrants presented in the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, would apply to your marketing plan.

Marketing Mix
Describe the marketing opportunities and marketing goals for your chosen HCO.
Explain the marketing strategies that are employed in your plan.
Apply market segmentation to your plan based on the target markets you have identified.
Explain how database marketing was used or why it was not included in your marketing plan.

Plan Evaluation
Discuss methods of performance evaluation and monitoring that will be used to evaluate the success of your chosen healthcare organization’s marketing plan.
Explain why reports for a particular timeframe (weekly, monthly, quarterly) would be important and how you would use feedback in these reports to control the future of your marketing.
Provide a conclusion that summarizes your marketing plan. Include persuasive statements that explain how your marketing plan supports the goals of your chosen healthcare organization’s strategic plan.


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