Research brief; Brain-Based Adaptive Automation
March 31, 2020
Applicability of Mathematics
March 31, 2020

Develop Bias and Supportive Evidence

Watch the video first.


1. We’ve covered:

a. Fundamental Analysis

b. Technical Analysis

c. Value Investing themes such as using “Bias”

2. With the above items we’ve covered, you will develop a “Bias” using any of the Biases mentioned in Chapter 28

a. You are to provide sufficient evidence to support your reasoning and “not guessing because you feel like XYZ may happen”

b. Thoughtful engagement of current data and how it shapes your bias.

3. More details in the lecture uploading today

Case Study 2: An Executive Summary of Bias

The Bias that I choose is: Cyclical changes as your bias, please follow the teacher’s require and write a summary about that.


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