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March 29, 2020
March 29, 2020

Developmentally Appropriate Assessment

According to Jaruszewicz (2019), a primary goal of a developmentally appropriate approach to assessment is
to inform practices so that the curriculum you implement matches the developmental needs and interests of the
children in your classroom. As part of our ability to effectively assess and utilize those assessments, it is
important to remember that informal assessments are a key part of the assessment process in early childhood
education. Informal assessments must match our curriculum goals, should actively involve children and
families, focus on change and growth over time, and happen in real time in the classroom or care setting
(Jaruszewicz, 2019). According to NAEYC’s guidelines for developmentally appropriate practices (2009), the
job of an early childhood educator has five connected components, as illustrated in the following image:

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