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October 16, 2020
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October 16, 2020

Disaster Preparedness And Emergency Management Plan Discussion

Formulate a commentary as to the need to include a Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Plan as a component of a Workplace Safety and Health Program that can affect your community/region, and therefore your workplace. Briefly prescribe health and safety preparedness considerations for responders, considering mitigation, response, and recovery phases – this requires you to formulate an opinion as to the highest priority hazard vulnerability for a specific workplace/region (flood, aircraft accident, tsunami, hurricane, terrorist attack, etc.), and determine health and safety risk factors specific to that vulnerability. For example, if I determine, due to geography, terrain, weather patterns and historical flood records, that flooding is the highest hazard vulnerability for the location of my workplace, black mold spores would likely be a high priority risk to recovery personnel. I would need to consider what equipment, tools, PPE, etc., I should ensure to have on hand, as part of my disaster preparedness plan. 2-3 pages

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