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July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019


 Discuss the ideas that are essential while designing an organization.


1) Original post is worth 30 points (300 words)

2) Reply to one classmate 20 points (150 words) 

3) APA Format ( cite all your articles within the body of your work and APA requires you cite all references you provide )

4) No Plagiarism or no copy paste from anywhere 

Response #1(Shiva)

Organizational design refers to the entire procedure of defining the hierarchical setup within an organisation or a company. This is done to ensure a clear organisational definition in terms departments and offices, offices and structure to ensure a flow of the procedures.  In defining an organisation, specific concepts should be considered to ensure the success of the organization. Proper strategies should be put in place to initiate the organization. The ideas and strategies should be clearly understood in terms of the effects they are likely to cause to the business. These strategies clearly define the major objectives to be achieved in relation to the initial values and vision of the business organization. Therefore, such identifications and definitions must be related to the culture hence should be a reflection of the trends and possible changes that are likely to be experienced in the entire process of the business.

                 The definition of the ideas should then be linked to the competences that need to be processed in the business. The competences should only focus on the human resources since they be directly involved in ensuring desirable outcomes. They should therefore, be considered as the decision makers in ensuring failure or continuity of the business. This can be enhanced through creation of smaller groups that can be used to measure the performance of the employees. The top performing employees are then rewarded as an act of motivation to the other teams to add more efforts in ensuring productivity for the entire business enterprise. Motivation should not however, focus on the production but rather should cut across all spheres including general behaviour. Clearly defined ways of implementing projects will be important in monitoring performance and outcome based on the inputs and output program from the organization (Vargo & Lusch, 2014).

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