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May 18, 2021
Describe the management by objectives model applied in your company.
May 18, 2021
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discussion ch 4 7 – Assignment Hub

For our discussion posts, we will look at a few chapters at a time. You will have three questionsto answer. Each answer should be 1-2 paragraphs (3-6 Total). Paragraphs normally consist of 4-6 sentences. Initial posts are due by Wednesday at noon.
By Friday at noon, you are to respond with one paragraph (4-6 Sentences) to two people’s posts adding to what they said, respectfully disagreeing with them, and/or reflecting on what they said. The Discussion Questions are below:
Chapter 5-Ethical Public Speaking: On some college campuses, certain topics, debates, ideas, and political issues are banned in certain spaces. Supporters say it is necessary to protect certain students from hateful or “politically incorrect” views. Detractors argue these limits restrict students with unpopular and “politically incorrect” views from freely expressing themselves, as well as these codes go against our Freedom of Speech. What are your thoughts? Should college campuses implement these “safe spaces” or not? Explain.
Chapter 6- Analyzing the Audience: Audience analysis is a huge part of preparing a speech. How would approach a controversial speech with an audience that agrees with you versus and audience that disagrees with you?
Chapter 7- Selecting a Topic and Purpose: Since our next speech is the Informative Speech, what are three topic ideas that you have in mind? Once you select these topic ideas and understand the purpose of the speech (to inform), form a thesis statement for each of the topics. Remember, thesis statements for Informative Speeches should not have persuasive wording (Avoid words such as: should, should not, need, doesn’t need, etc.).
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