“Fostering a growth mindset”
December 22, 2019
What laboratory tests would be needed to confirm possible differential diagnoses?
December 22, 2019

Do you agree with this point?

Look at Henry David Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government.”  He claims that it is not just our right as Americans, but it is also our duty to defy unjust laws.  This is a very American idea.  Part of the American identity involves intervening in the face of injustice.  Do you agree with this point?  What boundaries should exist to those interventions?  Support your claims using “Resistance to Civil Government” AND one of the other assigned readings from this week.


  • 300 words minimum (excluding quotations and citations)
  • Include two properly and integrated quotations (one from each work) to support your claims.  You may use either direct or paraphrased quotes. 


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