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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Engineering Ethics: Discussion and Paper

1) Discussion:  Framing and Resolving the Problem

Directions: Please answer BOTH of
the questions.

Question A

Describe the model of “respect to persons” to common
morality, explain its purpose in society, and then provide examples (from
either your work experiences or from Internet search) of implementing the model
using one of the three approaches: “Golden Rule”, “Self
Defeating” and “The Rights”.

Question B

Discuss what is meant by creative middle way solutions. How do
these solutions help in making decisions?

2) Paper:  Framing and Resolving the Problem

  1. Investigate utilitarianism on the internet and
    answer the following questions: (write at least 3 paragraphs)

    1. Where
      did this ethical theory originate from?
    1. What
      are the basic ideas of this theory?
    1. How can
      we apply this ethical theory to our personal and
      professional lives?
  2. Read the case study “Allowing defective chips to go into
    the market”
     on the internet at
    Comment on the creative middle way solutions presented in the case to solve the
    problem. (use the template: Evaluating the Case Study)


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