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Paper must be at least 3 pages with at least 3 references in APA format.

In this Assignment, through the development of pilot studies and contingency plans, you will engage in developing the following professional competencies:

● Write an action plan

For this Assignment, write a paper that answers the following questions (use the

subheadings/numbered questions below to organize your paper):


In the first section, you will use critical thinking skills to tackle the problem of

revised process implementation. You will evaluate various implementation

strategies and pick the best option for your project.

Analyze the suitability of the four implementation strategies discussed in your book

to your project, determine the best one and describe how you would design the

implementation for your specific process based on this strategy.

● For each strategy explain the specific pros and cons of using it for your

project. Do not simply repeat the generic pros/cons from the book- your

analysis should be based on how each strategy applies to the process you

selected and the nature of your selected organization. Discuss the makeup

of your organization as well as the requirements of your process and

anticipate how each strategy may experience difficulties.

● Select the one you think will work the best in your situation. Justify your


● Explain how this strategy must be customized for your selected process. How would you design the rollout process? What would be required for the success of this strategy when implementing your revised process?


To begin with, list three metrics that you think can help you quantify the

performance of the current process. List and define the metrics clearly, explain why

each metric is important in the assessment of the process and then give an

example of the statistic units. For example, if your metric is “speed of processing” it

may be defined by how quickly each employee audits a tax form, and the example

would be that “on average you would expect 8 tax forms audited per hour.” If you

have already done this in a previous Assignment, you may copy and paste a

summary from that Assignment.

Then, revisit the metrics that you selected for your baseline. For each metric,

clearly discuss the following:

1) Describe what the metric is: how is it calculated and used currently?

2) As far as being used as a justifiable project goal, what kind of a change in

this metric would constitute success? How did you arrive at this figure? If

this target change figure is not possible to estimate now, then describe how

you would compute it if you were actually carrying out this project: who would be involved and where would the data come from?


 Read the following case study and answer the questions at the end.

In 2009 it was decided that ABC Tire Company would implement a BPM project with the following goals: ● Decrease the labor cost per tire and ● Increase profit from each tire sold by 5%. To track the success (or failure) of the project they determined the following baseline data for 2009.

After the table is complete, address the following questions: 1. Why is it important to ensure that the baseline data is accurate? 2. Was the project successful? Why or why not?

The business organization that is being used for the assignment, is Samsung.  To hopefully help with the assignment, I have included the last 3 paper assignments to help with the completion of the assignment along with the chapter from the book that goes with this assignment.  I have also included the data chart that goes with the case analysis for part 3.  Any questions let me know.

Thanks and good luck!


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