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October 18, 2020
October 18, 2020

Ethic topic

Whenever you read or hear an interesting or questionable argument about an ethical issue, remember or copy it, then write a summary [if it is online, give a URL link] and comment for the Dustbin. Whenever one of your classmates posts an argument or comment that seems interesting or questionable, write a response for the Dustbin.

You should start a thread every other week. You should also respond to one of your classmates’ threads every other week. The deadline for submission each week is Friday at 11.59pm.

The best grades will go to posts which:

summarize clearly and accurately
comment or critique incisively
are alert to the complexity of ethical concepts and issues
are sensitive to the nuances, ambiguities and beauties of language
show an understanding of ethical principles and approaches, and an ability to apply them
maintain civility even in disagreement.
A detailed brief and a grading rubric are available in the assessment guide in Modules/Key Documents. I will give an interim grade at midterm, then a final grade for this assignment at the end of the term. These will appear on the assignments page.


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