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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Ethics Issues and Healthcare Finance Essay

For this discussion read textbook Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers, Chapter 9, “No Mission, No Margin Fiscal Responsibility, pages 191-211. And Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers, Chapter 7 “Ethical Decision Making Process,” page 105-120.
Use the internet resources:
oDesigning the new health care system: The need for CMO and CFO collaboration. (2015). Physician Leadership Journal, 2(4), 8–17.
oMaas, S. (2015, September). Upcoding: Evidence from Medicare on risk adjustment. NBER Digest, 4–5.
oNelson, W. A. (2015). Making ethical decisions. Healthcare Executive, 30(4), 46–48.
oAmerican College of Healthcare Executives. (2011). Ethical policy statement: Considerations for healthcare executive-supplier interactions.
oAmerican College of Healthcare Executives. (2013). Policy statement: Lifelong learning and the healthcare executive.
oAmerican College of Healthcare Executives. (2016). Ethics toolkit.
oU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (n.d.). Preventive ethics toolkit – ISSUES pocket card [PDF].
1. Ethics Issues and Healthcare Finance Essay – post need to be 300-800 words, APA guidelines to cite and reference all of your resource materials
In Chapter 9 of Ethics in Health Administration, the author poses questions under Points to Ponder (pg. 191). For your main discussion post, compose a detailed essay that reflects personal opinion and an evidence-based answer to one of the five questions. Refer directly to the textbook readings and additional material listed in your unit studies in your composition. Help explain and back up your personal ideas, reasoning and opinions with current data, statistics, and information from reliable and credible sources. From this point forward in the course, you may also refer to your informational interview findings when applicable in your work
Point to Ponder
1.How are the financial aspects of health care different from those of other businesses?
2.Why does healthcare profit making affect community trust?
3.How do healthcare organizations balance mission and profit margin?
4.Which key ethics issues exist in the financial side of health care?
5.Can healthcare administrator balance stewardship with fiscal responsibility?.
2. Ethical Decision-Making Processes- post need to be 300-800 words, APA guidelines to cite and reference all of your resource materials
Various tools and processes are available to leaders in health care to help guide and develop specific approaches for preventing and managing ethical issues. In your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text, the authors present an ethical decision-making process framework example and steps. Summarize each of the seven steps of this process.
The authors also discussed common errors or decision traps that can occur during the ethical decision-making process. Choose one decision trap, describe it, and identify in which steps of the ethical decision-making process framework it might occur. Explain how, as a health care manager, you might use one of the three strategies presented on page 117 to avoid this decision trap or common error.


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