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The current event paper is an individual project and should reflect your own research, analysis, opinions, and conclusion.
Every day a new company chooses to go public, another executive at a public company is charged with violating anti-fraud provisions, or another public company is investigated for bribing foreign government officials. This assignment asks that you choose one current event relevant to any of the topics we will study this semester and write a research paper describing what happened, the relevant law, and the significance of the story for the industry, the company, the law, and/or you.
The current event must have been in the news within the last six months to a year. To find a topic of interest, start reading the news now. You might also visit the SEC’s website for press releases, or read some of the many blogs on securities regulation, white-collar crime, or corruption. You can also follow the SEC on Twitter. Once you find a news story, you will research it more deeply, including the relevant law. Your story does not have to be a case that has gone to court already. It can be an investigation, a proposed new rule or regulation, or any other story that implicates the legal issues that we study.


A detailed description of the current event
A detailed discussion of the relevant law — explain the law from the very beginning, as if your reader knows nothing about the topic; this is how you demonstrate your understanding of the law
An analysis of the current event — Why is it important to the industry? What companies will care about this news story? What will its impact be? Who will win? Why? You can choose to answer any or all of these questions (or any other question). The goal is to demonstrate meaningful application of law to facts and deep thinking about the issues presented by the news story

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