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Explain how the communication plan addresses what you are hoping to achieve with your strategic goal.

Danae Carter
Grand Canyon University: HCA 470
August 13, 2018
(Manage Closely)
(Keep Satisfied)
(Keep Informed)
· What financial or emotional interest does the audience have in the outcome of your work? Is it positive or negative?
The emotional interest these patients have in the outcome of this business plan is to gain a community of fellowship through DaVita. To learn that others are facing the same issues and that help is there for them. The only positive feeling should come from what this plan is trying to create for the patients, the best possible healthcare for a patient suffering from kidney failure all over the world.
· What motivates them most of all?
Patients motivation come from an engaging atmosphere of positivity. They can be feeling better and they will with the help of these machines. Life does not have to end when they receive the news they have kidney failure.
· What information do they want from you, and what is the best way of communicating with them?
Patients’ need to be educated on what kidney failure is. How kidney failure can be treated, and what different types of modality there are to offer patients.
· What is the audience’s current opinion of your work?
Patients have been receiving the healthcare they deserve through the work of DaVita. Knowledge in knowing all that DaVita can offer patients has been a definite life changer for many patients.
· Who influences their opinions generally? Do these influencers become important stakeholders?
Generally, patients will be influenced by either teammate or patients that have spoken about DaVita. Yes, the influencers, therefore, become essential stakeholders in their own right of course. Without the influencers, the message of DaVita would fail.
· If they aren’t likely to be positive, what will win them around to support your project?
A mind that is made up can be changed in time. If the patients have negative feelings towards the DaVita with time, it could change. They may learn something new about the organization or finally realize that DaVita wants to help make them live their best lives possible with kidney failure. The only way I can see changing their minds is through education on what DaVita has to offer them. The amount of support they will receive through having a dietician, social worker, facility administrator, private nurse, and nephrologist all looking at their care will entice them to give DaVita a try.
Communication Plan
· Conduct a research communication audit
· Evaluate current communication towards patients
· Define goals
· Establish a timetable
· Define objectives
· Define the audience
· Evaluate the results of the communication audit
Which strategies do you plan to utilize?
Strategies included in the plan are Mission, Vision, and Core Values. These are fundamental to the success of this business plan.

· How does your plan use the various types of communication channels to implement the plan?

Communication strategies that will be used are a mixture of verbal, nonverbal, and visual. Using all of these types of communication strategies will allow for a broader audience to be able to learn about DaVita through different forms of media.

· Explain how the communication plan addresses what you are hoping to achieve with your strategic goal.

The communication plan will address a developed clear and consistent message for teammates to follow. Crucial developed message for staff, board, and critical communicator will be able to speak to patients regarding all things DaVita. Communication is never ending for an organization that serves and depends upon the community. The communication plan will communicate the strategic goals and action plan to the teammates that will be facilitating and implementing the strategies to achieve success. A great team will have effective communication and cultivation of team culture. Especially is essential in moving the organization towards new goals or directions.

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