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October 10, 2021
Research essay on “indian camp” by ernest hemingway (due june 17th)
October 10, 2021

explain the rationale for our decisions in a short paper. You’re the most detail-oriented. You think you can handle it?

[MUSIC PLAYING]It has always been your dream to have your own business. You and your childhood friend Ravi have developed a product called Sunburst that
could be used by the growing solar energy industry Tanya, a friend you met through an alumni group, has experience in marketing. The three
of you agreed to form the startup team for Sunburst and you gather together one weekday morning to discuss the legal form and
organizational structure your business should take.We’re going to need additional investors and expertise to get this business off the ground, Ravi says. We should develop a business plan
that will be attractive to potential investors and partners. They’re going to have concerns about joining a new startup, Tanya says. We
should work to address these from the start.Ravi looks to you. Can you prepare a PowerPoint presentation for potential investors? Let them know what legal form the business is going
to take and explain why it works for our company. You should include your analysis on personal liability, taxes, interests of contributing
parties, and management of the business. We want them to know we’ve done our homework. (I have completed this already, proposed an LLC or
Corporation)Tanya interrupts, the other thing is we have to decide what organization structure would best serve our goals. That’s right, Ravi says.
We’ve already identified innovation and timely customer service as our top priorities for Sunburst. We know we need staff to handle
product development, production, finance and accounting, and marketing and sales.We’re definitely going to need human resources functions, Tanya says. Outsourcing is one option we should look into. We need to do some
research before we make a decision. Ravi looks to you again. I think we need to develop a clear mission statement and an organization
chart and explain the rationale for our decisions in a short paper. You’re the most detail-oriented. You think you can handle it?< Need
help on this sectionDetermine Your Organization’s Structure: Gather and Analyze InformationNow that you have decided on a legal organization form for your business, which currently has a single location, you need to decide on an
organization structure. Organization structure determines such things as what departments the organization will need, who will report to
whom, how many levels you will have in your organization’s hierarchy, and how many individuals will report to each manager (span of
control). An effective structure should promote communication and coordination of efforts across the entire organization. See:

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