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June 1, 2021
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explore an aspect of adolescence development and the family in depth based on theories and research

The purpose of this final paper is to allow you opportunities to explore an aspect of adolescence development and the family in-depth based on theories and research articles published in peer reviewed journals. The paper should be between 4-5 double-spaced pages of text (excluding references) and should be written in APA format. In evaluating the paper, I will consider the conceptual soundness/relevance of the topic and reviews, the extent to which you have developed concepts from the class within the domain of your area of expertise, and the clarity of your writing. Format: A typical paper will include a review of the relevant literature in both your area and in the relevant area of adolescent development, emphasizing on the unique influence of the family and/or other contextual factors (i.e., neighborhood, parenting and peer influence etc.). More specifically, you can think about your paper in three parts:

Part 1. Introduction Begin by introducing the topic and provide an argument of why this is an important topic to review. End by 1-2 sentences telling your readers how you are going to proceed with your review (e.g., I will review this topic by focusing on three factors: A, B, C).

Part 2. Review of relevant literature Synthesize and analyze the current theory and research in this topic. If you are including a specific theory, please be sure to indicate the relevance of the theory to the topic you are reviewing. For example, don’t just tell me about family systems theory, but how family systems theory can help explain, understand, and think about your topic.

Part 3. Summary and conclusion The conclusion should review and close your arguments. Summarize what you have learned from your review of literature. Discuss the implications of your review for future research and practice.

References Use a minimum number of 10 to 15 primary and secondary references (i.e., review, theoretical, and research articles, books, or chapters; no textbooks or popular magazines) in order to review the area adequately. However, your grade depends on the analysis, not the number, of references. APA format: Double-space, 1-inch margins all around, number your pages, references should be arranged alphabetically according to APA 6th edition style. Watch APA video online: http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tutorials/basics-tut… Online APA style guides: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01…

Grading criteria: Your paper will be evaluated on the basis of organization (i.e., introduction and conclusion), logical arguments, clarity of writing, and appropriate citations of theory and research (e.g., citations appropriately linked to your arguments). You are strongly encouraged to communicate to me about possible paper topics.

title of your paper in upper & lower case; always double space; use 12 pt font your name course and date

Introduction: -orient the reader to the topic discussed in the paper -describe the topic or issue to be discussed or the problem to be solved -discuss the relevance of the problem for study by educators, counselors, or families-justify the importance of the topic to the reader (e.g., number of people affected, impact on quality of life). -catch the attention of the reader -state the limitations of your study, if any -if the issue is debatable, introduce the points of view -no personal info should be presented here

Review of Literature: – report significant facts about the topic (theories & research) using course & outside readings -give appropriate credit to authors whose ideas you include using the APA format (cite each sentence of info or wrap a paragraph of info if it all came from the same source) -use your own words and avoid “stringing together” notes from various authors -organize the information in a logical sequence -use APA 6 style subheadings to help the reader follow major points (notice that they are bolded in the APA 6 Style Manual)

Summary & Conclusions &/or Implications: summarize the information that you discussed in the literature review-take a stand: state your opinion on the issue -suggest further steps in solving the problem -provide variables that are missing or that need further investigation, e.g., more studies that include ethnically diverse teens, stages of adolescence, use info discussed in class on problems with certain studies, etc.) So you have reviewed what the literature has said; what does this mean? Who should care? What conclusions can you draw or relate to your own life? What implications can you make from your research/lit review paper?

References: Include only references cited in the paper; these will include your readings and lecture notes (give date of lecture); make sure there is a minimum of 7 course readings -use APA format for citing the references -select appropriate professional journals and books and minimize the use of popular web-based information and textbooks


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