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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

film discussion 5

Analyze the use of sound from this sceneThe Hurt Locker – Opening Sequence (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.The Hurt Locker - Opening Sequence

and carefully note the specific sources of sound. Here are a few questions to prompt you.

Note carefully those moments when the sound creates emphasis by accentuating and strengthening the visual image.

How does the form (use of sound) contribute to the content (the story – dialogue).

How does the sound in the scene (or shot) help to develop the characters? Use the character/actor names.

Do image and sound complement one another here, or does one dominate the other? Where? Point to time in clip.

Is silence used? If so, how and where?

Remember to use the film vocabulary introduced in this lesson. For example, Is there ADR? How are sound effects used? Ambience? Foley? Music? What kind of music? Where is there Diegetic use of sound? Non-diegetic use of sound?

Each Discussion is graded on the followingPoints
Discussion is focused on the subject.3
Response attempts to stimulate further thought & discussion.1
Film vocabulary and concepts introduced in this class is used.1
Discussion post is a minimum of 100 words.1
Response contains complete sentences.1
Discussion posted contains no spelling errors.1
Discussion post does not exceed 300 words. 1
Student has posted to the discussion.1


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