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July 23, 2020
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July 23, 2020

final project submission part 1 principles of finance

For this submission, you will write a response to the following scenario:

Imagine that you have completed an internship in the finance division of a technology corporation. Your boss, the financial manager, is considering hiring you for a full-time job. He first wants to evaluate your financial knowledge and has provided you with a short examination. When composing your answers to this employment examination, ensure that they are cohesive and read like a short essay.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

may help: Video: How to Read a Financial Statement (cc) (19:16)

This video provides an overview of financial statements.

Video: Mergent Online (7:57)
This video demonstrates how to find publicly-traded company financial information including historical stock prices. Written instructions can be found here.

Article: Debt/Equity Ratio (cc)
This article introduces the debt/equity ratio. The transcript version of this video can be found here.

Article: Free Cash Flow
This article introduces free cash flow (FCF) and explains a simple method to calculate it. You will also have a chance to compare FCF to net income.

Module Three Excel Assignment Example
Please review this example Excel workbook to help you successfully prepare for your 3-1 Excel Assignment submission.


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