Prompt: Read the poem “How to Live” by Charles Webb. Address the central idea of the poem as you see it. Do you agree or disagree with this philosophy of living and why? In addition to analyzing at least three specific lines as support, you may include support for your ideas beyond the poem, including personal experience etc. (It is fine to use “I” in this essay.)
April 3, 2020
Business Strategy
April 3, 2020

Global Economics

Assignments to complete this week: ● Reading: o Chapter 21: International Finance Markets and Instruments: An Introduction o Chapter 25: Economic Policy in the Open Economy Under Fixed Exchange Rates o Chapter 26: Economic Policy in the Open Economy Under Flexible Exchange Rates

Professional Assignment 2 – CLO 6 Use your textbook (chapter 20 on pp. 469-497), LIRN-based research, a general reference list in international Economics, such as: Specialized Journals (p.12); General Journals (p.13); Sources of International Data (p.13); General Current information p.14) and the Internet Sources (p. 14) Document your citations throughout the text of your paper; APA is the accepted format for all Westcliff University classes. Your papers must include: ● An introduction and a clear thesis, ● Several body paragraphs, and ● A conclusion. Top papers demonstrate a solid understanding of the material and critical thinking. Provide your explanations and definitions in detail and be precise. Explain in your own words. Provide references for content when necessary. Support your statements with peer-reviewed intext citation(s) and reference(s). *Please refer to the Grading Criteria for Professional Assignments on page 10 of the syllabus for specific guidelines and expectations


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