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Decide which of your criteria is necessary and which are merely sufficient. You may define the categories (Y) your X-term fits into by your own rubric or by that of an exterior source
September 4, 2019
Discuss how racial diversity impacts the work equation between  agency staff members. Be specific in your responses and illustrate using  examples. Support your points using scholarly sources.
September 4, 2019

hat was the issue. How does this issue impact diversity and social justice as a social worker?

This week is probably one of my favorite topics, human trafficking. While working in the Atlanta Public School system as a social worker in two of Atlanta’s poorest neighborhoods; I was first exposed to human trafficking. The experience was eye opening. Prior to working with in APS I had little to no knowledge about human trafficking. I recall one of my students who was a victim, that luckily escaped. Unfortunately one of my other students who for nearly 5 years, she was rescued, but the trauma was devastating. This past February she passed away. Working with these young ladies as well as the community  was one of the most horrifying and scariest experiences of my life. However, it caused me to become very passionate and committed to empowering and advocating whole communities as well as working with adolescent females. Last year in September 8th I hosted a mentoring brunch for young women who have been exposed to domestic violence, substance abuse, sexual and physical abuse, and even human trafficking. I am excited yet a bit terrified at the same time.

Take a look as well at this video clip that gives a glimpse of human trafficking…..It’s long so watch when you have time to process

Discussion 2


One of the things that I tell practicing social workers and students is that in this profession, one of your best weapons in your voice. In other words, being vocally active and voting on issues that directly impact the clients and communities that you serve. This year with the midterm elections there were issues that different candidates supported or opposed.

Where there any amendments or issues that were voted on in your state and/or city that directly impacts the clients that you might serve? What was the issue. How does this issue impact diversity and social justice as a social worker?


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