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task uncertainty, error criticality, task structure, proximity to the organization’s core mission, and organizational structure
July 8, 2019
Which of the following is NOT a method of group training discussed in the textbook?
July 8, 2019

Health Management

ULO1: Differentiate between population health and population health management (CLO 4,5)

ULO2: Distinguish between the roles of the diverse partners in implementation of population health management (CLO 4,5)

ULO4: Create a community health promotion program to help your facility improve their community catchment health (CLO 4,5)

In your community (Kansas City) there is an alarming number of very young people who are obese. You are approached by the Community based health organization in your community to help plan and implement a program for those aged between 10 and 45 to reduce the rate of obesity in this age group in your area.


  1. What steps will you take?
  2. Who will you involve?
  3. What institutions will you want to incorporate?
  4. How will you go about to fund it?

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