A Midwestern state police department recently responded to a barricaded active shooter incident, where the shooter had confined himself and his family in their home. The negotiator was able to persuade the shooter to release his four young children but was unable to persuade the shooter to release his wife or surrender. The scenario resulted in the suicide of the active shooter in front of his spouse, who remained unharmed.
November 27, 2021
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November 27, 2021
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Healthcare powerpoint assignment | Operations Management homework help

Case Assignment

After carefully reading through the Module background readings, and the ORYX and CQI initiative, please answer the following questions by creating a PowerPoint presentation. You have been asked to assess an organization for priority quality improvement needs. In your PowerPoint:

  • Define the health care organization you are discussing.
  • Describe the priority quality assurance/quality improvement project you would undertake.
  • Discuss why the activities you have selected would take precedence over any other quality assurance/quality improvement activity in the organization.
  • Be sure to include your rationale for your choice.

Assignment Expectations

  1. Please define the type of organization.
  2. Outline your points, and then explain them with your OWN added insight.
  3. Speaker’s notes are required.
  4. You must cite peer-reviewed articles as well as the background materials.

Module Readings:

Crider, N. M., & Ulrich, E. (2016). Evaluation of organizations and systems. Evaluation of Health Care Quality for DNPs. In J. Hickey & C. Brosnan (eds) Evaluation of health care quality for DNPs. (127-142) New York: Springer Retrieved from Trident University Online Library.

Kim, R.H., Gaukler, G.M., & Won Lee, C. (2016). Improving healthcare quality: A technological and managerial innovation perspective. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 133(b):373-78.  Retrieved from Trident University Online Library

Morais, R. M. d., Somera, S. C., Goes, W. M., & Costa, A. L. (2016). Applicability of an assessment model for healthcare information systems in a public hospital. Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management, 13(3), 459.

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Newman, M. W. (2017). Integrated and collaborative care: Quality improvement in action. Psychiatric Annals, 47(7), 374.

van, d. H., Niemeijer, G. C., & Ronald J.M.M. Does. (2013). Measuring healthcare quality: The challenges. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 26(3)269-78. Retrieved from Trident University Online Library

Yamasato, K., Tsai, P. J. S., Bartholomew, M., Durbin, M., Kimata, C., & Kaneshiro, B. (2016). Discrepancy between identification of early-term elective deliveries by manual chart review and data vendor. Hawai’i Journal of Medicine & Public Health, 75(12), 367.

Newspaper Articles

Slabodkin, G. (2017). Joint Commission eases ORYX requirements for acute care hospitals. Health Data Management (Online).

Health and medicine – Quality of care; Researchers at Oregon State University describe findings in quality of care (what drives continuous improvement project success in healthcare?). (2017). Health & Medicine Week.

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