Organ Leader
May 14, 2020
Family Nurse Practitioner
May 14, 2020

Healthy care

Assignment Instructions:

Please post as a Microsoft Word attachment; present in your own words.

Make sure you read and follow the requisite format; also, read the grading rubric to see how your paper will be read.

DUE Monday 4/18 11:59 PM AZ Time

Complete a Gemba Walk in your place of employment and document your observations. While completing your walk, look for ways to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process. You must actually take a walk by yourself.

Write a report on your observations of your Gemba. Include the following in your report:

Include a summary of the organization you’re surveying (e.g., products or services, mission and vision)
Where did you go?
Who did you observe?
When did you go ?
What was the goal of your Gemba?
What did you learn?


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