July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019

Historical Changes in Film

Resource: Ch. 12 of Film Art: An Introduction.

Write a 550- to 750-word paper that examines global historical changes in film. As part of your examination, select one of the following alternative movements to American cinema:

German Expressionism

French Impressionism and Surrealism

Soviet Montage

Italian Neorealism

The French New Wave

Hong Kong Cinema

Discuss how the alternative cinema was affected by photography, film, form, style, special effects, and fictional narrative historically.

Describe how your selected alternative movement affected the film industry. Be sure to discuss how it differed from American cinema during the same period.

Refer to the textbook and this assignment requires outside research.

APA Style and Formatting is required: Include citations throughout your paper with corresponding references on the reference page.


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