If total debits equal total credits in a trial balance, is it free of errors? Explain
August 2, 2019
-these are human errors and not appropriate for this assignment. You must clearly link the facility/equipment hazards to specific injuries common to participation in that sport
August 2, 2019

How are anger and hate similar? How are they different?

Prompts from Beyond Hate film

Summarize the film.  What is it’s purpose, it’s main argument?

What in the film do you agree with?  What do you disagree with?  Explain.

Are you born with hate or is it learned?  Explain.

How are anger and hate similar?  How are they different?

Provide some examples from your own life of how you have dealt with anger in positive and negative ways.

What does it mean to treat someone as “the other” or “the enemy”  What consequences can this have?

How can we move toward not being hateful, or toward being a less violent society?


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