May 7, 2020
Project-3 (200 Pts) Computing Frequency & Prob. Of words Due Date: 3/12
May 7, 2020

how computing has had an impact on society.

: Give you the opportunity to research and reflect upon the impact of computing on society.

Instructions: Global Impact is the last and arguably most important of the 7 Big Ideas of Computer Science. In this assignment, you will identify and summarize 2 news articles that describe how computing has had an impact on society. One of the news articles should be mainly positive, the other mainly negative.

The news articles should not be about the technology per se (e.g., a faster microprocessor, or some cool gizmo), but the impact that computing has had on people, on society. For example, a news article on how Google Translate is facilitating tourism, or how machine learning is making it possible to detect cancers earlier, would be fine; but an article reviewing the latest iPhone would not.

The articles should be from reliable news sources, no more than 6 months old. A good way to start is by skimming through the front (web)pages of popular media outlets, e.g., New York Times, WSJ, NPR, Toronto Globe and Mail, Wired, The Economist, BBC, Medium, etc.

Provide an APA citation for each article. For assistance in citing the article, go to (Links to an external site.). Click Citation Guides. Locate the APA style section of the webpage. Then click APA Style Citation Examples. Use the provided examples to cite each article in APA style. Paste the citation at the end each article response. If you need additional assistance citing the article, you may use the Librarian Chat by clicking the Chat Now icon at (Links to an external site.).

Submission Instructions:
To submit the assignment, upload Word document with the following information for each of the two articles (one positive impact, one negative impact):

    a short paragraph (250 words, max) summarizing the article
    an even shorter paragraph (100 words, max) indicating your response to the article
    an APA citation of the article selected


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