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May 6, 2020
Managerial Accounting
May 6, 2020

How does investment impact on child development

his will be short analysis essay. Students should articulate, communicate and present a response to a specified essay question from a pre-defined list (below). The essay questions will touch on various aspects of the economics of children and families as covered throughout the course. You should make sure that your essay is logically structured, meaning that each paragraph or section deals with a major issue or consideration, and that these ideas are developed in a logical sequence. You are also encouraged to add your own opinions and ideas on the topic. 1. How does investment impact on child development? Essays should include comment on… o Different types of investment; o The evidence on the importance of the different types of investment on child development; o The implications for the design of policy. This essay is from a module called the economics of children and families. It should illustrate that children are the most important output of households, the effects of the inequality in child outcomes and impacts on later life, both the economic and social


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