Prepare a two-page report that answers the following questions. Identify the major goals and strategies of the AFL-CIO. Is the AFL-CIO considered in and of itself a labor union? Explain
July 15, 2019
Spanish II (preterite and correct use of conocer/poder/querer/saber)
July 15, 2019

How Does Language Affect The Relationship Between Speakers And Listeners


How does language affect the relationship between speakers and listeners? Maxine Hong-Kingston, Perri Klass, and Deborah Tannen write about issues related to different styles of communication. Write an essay in which you analyze the language skills and styles that can prevent or encourage effective communication. To develop your essay,include details from the readings, observations of others, and/or specific examples from your own experience.
Here are three readings, Silence, Learning the Language, and Women and Men Talking on the Job.  The third reading is in pdf ver, and you only need to read Chapter 2( pg.12 – pg.28)
My essay should describe three communicate styles and each of them has an example to support. (three body paragraph, three example) So each reading leads to one style.
Highlight Thesis please.
Thank you!


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