List three of the four categories of biological macromolecules. For these 3 types of biological macromolecules, identify their monomers and list one function these molecules can have.
August 2, 2019
In your own words define natural selection and evolution.
August 2, 2019

How is the disorder treated? Discuss medications, gene therapy


You have already completed a basic study about genetics and  mutations. For this assignment you will research a specific genetic  disorder and create a PowerPoint to explain the disorder by addressing  the information outlined below. Potential disorder topics are found in  the table. You may also use the link provided below the table to begin  your research.

Your Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions. U.S. National Library of Medicine. Retrieved March 16, 2018 from

Topics you should include in your presentation:

Slide 1
Title Slide with Name, Course and Date

Slide 2- Introduction
Name and describe your  chosen disorder. What happens to the body as a result of this disorder?  What part or parts of the body does the disorder generally affect? How  many people are generally affected in the US (or worldwide)?

Slides 3-4
Describe the symptoms of the disorder.  What happens in the body to cause the disease? Is it a mutation? How is  it inherited? Is it recessive or dominant or sex-linked? Is it  triggered by other events? Find 1-2 images to illustrate the symptoms or  cause of the disorder.

Slides 5-6
How is the disorder diagnosed? What tests are done? Is genetic counseling an option?

Slide 7
How is the disorder treated? Discuss medications, gene therapy, etc. Include an image to support your research.

Slide 8- Application of research
Summarize new  findings about your chosen disorder by researching current articles.  What new information did you learn about your chosen disorder? Include  the resource(s).



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