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May 18, 2021
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May 18, 2021
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how was forensic science used in a high profile case case below

The Disappearance of Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson, 1971
Topics that MUST be addressed:
What were the circumstances of the case?
How was forensic science used to solve the case?
Explain how the forensic science technique works.
Was this area of forensic science new or had it been well-established?
What was the outcome of the case?
Topics that could be addressed:
What were the social/cultural/scientific implications of the case?
Was this a cold case or a current case?
Was a forensic database used? What are the legal implications of these forensic databases?
Did the jury weigh the forensic evidence heavily during deliberation?
Was this area of forensic science used in other high-profile cases?
Was this case used as a precedent in the future?
3-4 pages double spaced
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