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HRM 498 University of Phoenix Human Resource Management Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

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  1. Question 1

    1 PointWhich of the following is NOT a characteristic of the regiocentric staffing approach?

  2. Question 2

    1 PointDailey Enterprises is a mid-sized business that is considering expanding its operations globally. Which of the following is LEAST likely to occur as a result of Dailey globalizing?

  3. Question 3

    1 PointIn most cases, global firms employ host-country nationals with the long-term goal of turning over control to local management.

  4. Question 4

    1 PointChina’s labor force consists of a multitude of older workers for the following reason:

  5. Question 5

    1 PointWhich of the following is NOT an approach to global staffing?

  6. Question 6

    1 PointWhat is becoming the world language?

  7. Question 7

    1 PointThe process of bringing expatriates home is referred to as:

  8. Question 8

    1 PointWhich of the following has been a recent problem associated with expatriate compensation?

  9. Question 9

    1 PointAn arrangement whereby the parent company grants another firm the right to do business in a prescribed manner is referred to as:

  10. Question 10

    1 PointProcter & Gamble is best categorized as a what type of corporation?

  11. Question 11

    1 PointAll of the following are national/cultural values EXCEPT:

  12. Question 12

    1 PointAn example of a third-country national would be an Italian citizen working for a French company in Germany.

  13. Question 13

    1 PointWhich of the following statements is TRUE about the role of international sales for small and medium-sized businesses?

  14. Question 14

    1 PointWith polycentric staffing, companies primarily hire expatriates to staff higher-level foreign positions.

  15. Question 15

    1 PointHartford Toys is a small business that wants to enter the global market. What is the most common way for small businesses such as Hartford Toys to enter the global market?

  16. Question 16

    1 PointMany companies offer training courses only in English, which may explain why most employees at global firms indicate that English is important for their careers.

  17. Question 17

    1 PointA host-country national (HCN) is an employee who is a citizen of the country where the subsidiary is located.

  18. Question 18

    1 PointWhich of the following systems helps to alleviate the stress new expatriates and their families normally endure?

  19. Question 19

    1 PointFemale employment in the United Arab Emirates is negatively influenced because:

  20. Question 20

    1 PointWhich of the following topics would most likely be addressed during the continual development stage of expatriate preparation and development?


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