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April 19, 2022
Briefly discuss the types of challenges that each sector—both public and private—may face.
April 19, 2022
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Discussion Topic #1 – HR Professionalism, Competencies, and Code of EthicsIn Week 1, we reviewed the SHRM Code of Ethics provided to HR Professionals. In addition, SHRM has developed a Competency Model and describes the HR professional’s ethical practice as “the ability to integrate core values, integrity and accountability throughout all organizational and business practices.”Share your thoughts on what you are taking from your HRM program and in particular, this HRMN 408 Employment Law course that will has influenced you towards better understanding the ethical and legal considerations that HR professionals much adhere to.Discussion Topic #2 — Reflections on Course OutcomesSince we are at the end of this course, this is the perfect time to reflect upon the achievement of Course Outcomes. As the Syllabus states….After completing this course, you will be able to:1. Analyze employment related laws, and ethical considerations  their application, and implications in the workplace2. Evaluate rights, obligations, and liabilities in the employment process and relationship.3. Evaluate compliance with current laws and regulations related to safety and fairness in the workplace.4. Effectively communicate to internal and external audiences the principles and application of employment laws and ethical considerations in the business environment.Considering all the learning and work through discussions, reviewing resources, and the assignments, share your thoughts on the following:How comfortable do you feel that you have mastered these competencies?What has been most useful?What could have been more helpful?How has this course helped you to accomplish your career goals?What other areas of Employment Law and Ethical Considerations would you have like to see included in future courses?


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