GLOBAL ISSUESMini Essay #3 on Global (International) Finance/Trade/WealthGlobalization has four major categories: markets, politics, culture and environment.  In Module 3we examine the oldest categor
January 14, 2021
Review and discuss the following:
January 14, 2021

Human Sexuality APA

I will have a photo of the description of the paper and rubric! Thank you! I will also put the description in here as well!

Write a 3 page paper on a topic of your choice (anything related to Psychology 259- Human Sexuality). You must give your paper a title. You must include a minimum of 1 scholarly journal article as reference and 2 additional references. You may use additional references but at least 1 must be from a Scholarly Journal which includes information about an actual study involving your topic. Remember that a Scholarly Journal Article will have an abstract and original research (not just an article that discusses another study). Publications such as Psychology Today, Web M.D.,etc. do NOT count as scholarly articles. See the LRC page for more information on selecting a scholarly article. A reference page must be included (see APA format) that cites these articles.

This paper must be typed (double–spaced) and in APA format (see resources previously given). Your topic must be approved by the instructor. This will be a review of the literature (see APA form and website for additional information). Remember a review of the literature means researching what other psychologists have learned about your topic through their research. You will have an introductory paragraph (your title will appear above). Next you will present your research findings. Finally you will write a conclusion (called Discussion) in which you sum up what you have learned and what you conclude about your topic. The Disussion section is a separte section in your paper. Your last page will be your References. See the APA handouts or check the “Purdue Owl” for actual examples of papers that review the literature.

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