critical process paper 12
March 29, 2021
c make a flowchart and convert existing code to a function format 2 assignments 5 short program in total to convert
March 29, 2021

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used t

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.Read the articals and answer these questions:Question 1All three of the Week 8 resources talk about the figure of the Black dandy. How would each individual (Monica Miller, Dandy Wellington, Yinka Shonibare) define the dandy? What do their definitions have in common? How would you define the dandy, and can you think of any examples of historical or contemporary dandies that relate to this discussion? Lastly, what relationship does the dandy have to different subject positions, particularly race, class, gender, and sexuality?Question 2Dandy Wellington states in his video that “people who love old things are diverse,” and he uses the motto/hashtag #VintageStyleNOTVintageValues. Why do you think he addresses both of these points at the start of his video, and how might it reflect his own stylistic approach to negotiating the past? What are some of the issues and concerns an individual might have in examining the past? How might vintage style and vintage dressing be approached differently by people embodying different subject positions? Think about subject positions such as race, gender, size, class, and/or age in answering this question. Question 3Nichelle Gainer discusses women featured in her 2015 book, Vintage Black Glamour. Choose one of the women she discusses, either one you are familiar with or one who is new to you (you might also look through the Tumblr (Links to an external site.) associated with the book for even more images and stories). Do a little research about the woman you chose and compile some information about her story and her style. How does this woman fit into the history of fashion as it is usually told? How is she represented in mainstream fashion media, or is she represented at all? Lastly, think about the differences between female glamour and black dandyism as discussed by Monica Miller. How does gender influence the ways style and glamour are used by men and by women – as tools of gaining power, as tools of oppression, as tools of objectification, as tools of subject formation?Question 4Yinka Shonibare discusses the way fashion features prominently in his work, and mentions that Dutch wax cloth fabric is something he often uses. What do you know about Dutch wax cloth – where does it come from, and what places and techniques is it commonly associated with? It may help to do a little research – via the library or the internet. This blog post (Links to an external site.) and this article (Links to an external site.) are two good sources which discuss Dutch wax cloth in Yinka Shonibare’s work. Why do you think he uses the fabric in his collection, given what you know about the fabric and about his artistic perspective and mission? Links to resources mentioned in or related to this week’s materials:- Monica L. Miller – Slaves to Fashion: (Links to an external site.)Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity (Links to an external site.)- Nichelle Gainer – Vintage Black Glamour (Links to an external site.) (we do not have a copy of this in the library yet but I have requested it for purchase. You can also buy it via the link)- Derek Lipscomb’s The Work website (Links to an external site.) (links to a list of annotated resources) Requirements: 4 Questions
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