Determine the total profit that would be generated by the production levels determined in parts C1 and C2 showing all of your work.
February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.

I’m working on a writing discussion question and need guidance to help me learn.Do not complete this until after you have watched this week’s lecture. It shows you how to use the website below. Looking at crime statistics can help good investigative reporters spot trends and evaluate if new procedures/laws are working. Please look at the ALEA crime reports from the last four available years for your home counties. If you aren’t from Alabama, use Pike County or Montgomery County for your comparison. What sorts of crime has been reported in your counties? Do you notice trends of certain crimes going up or down? As a reporter, what questions do these statistics bring up and what stories might you think about reporting?There is no length requirement, but you must discuss your ideas thoroughly. That can’t be done in one-two sentences. Please watch this week’s lecture (Links to an external site.) on covering crime, courts and cops.You can use this Prezi (Links to an external site.)to help you better understand some terminology to use/steer clear of when reporting crime. Covering the cops and courts beat often requires lots of building relationships and discussing information with a variety of people. This PowerPoint (Links to an external site.)will help you better understand when you can use the information you receive from sources, and when you have to get information from another official source. Alabama, as well as most states, participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. That means that they gather statistics from each year and place them into a report that is public. These reports include specifics about individual counties, as well. Take a look at the Alabama Crime Statistics Website (Links to an external site.). Court records are public records. In Alabama, they aren’t accessible online for free. Court records are accessible online with a subscription through Alacourt. You can, however, go to a local courthouse to the Clerk of Courts office to retrieve records. In Florida, most of the information is available online for free. Check out the Clerk of Courts (Links to an external site.) site for Okaloosa County, Florida (Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, Crestview). Covering breaking news of any sort means you need to familiarize yourself with common 10-codes used by law enforcement and first responding agencies. Here’s a list of some (Links to an external site.) you might hear in Alabama. Scanners are on in newsrooms across the country. A lot of the chatter is traffic stops and welfare checks – but there is exciting news that you’ll be on the scene for first if you can listen to a scanner and understand the transmissions, such as a 10-89. There’s a dead body that’s been found somewhere! Or a 10-92, murder, or 10-98, prison break!There’s one more important thing to think about when reporting crime, and that is how you identify victims. Victims of sexual assault and violent crime often feel victimized a second time by having their names attached to stories involving a perpetrator or court case. So, ask yourself, does the name of the victim matter? Does it serve a purpose in your story? Sometimes, victims come forward and are very vocal about what happened to them, and that is OK. However, that isn’t the norm. The National Victims Center compiled the Victims Rights in the Media (Links to an external site.) and the Office for Victims of Crimes offers these guidelines (Links to an external site.) Requirements: 1111   |   .doc file

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The post I’m working on a writing discussion question and need guidance to help me learn. first appeared on nursing writers.


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