October 18, 2020
Although ADA accomplished a great deal on behalf of people with disabilities in the past 2 decades, much remains to be done.
October 18, 2020

In this Assignment, you will analyze how your selected organization practices a worldly mindset

In this Assignment, you will write a 3–5 page paper that includes the following: 
Introduction of the organization you will be focused on for your individual Assignments.   WALMART
 Research on worldliness as a management strategy. Include Gosling and Mintzberg’s worldly mind-set from “The Five Minds of a Manager.” Gosling, J., & Mintzberg, H. (2003). The five minds of a manager. Harvard Business Review, 81(11), 54–63.  Analysis of how well your selected organization practices the worldly mind-set.  Recommendations for how your selected organization might strengthen its worldly mind-set.
SEE ATTACHED RUBRIC FOR INSTRUCTIONS:   WALMART Will be my organization of focus for this assignment.


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