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October 19, 2020
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October 19, 2020

Industry Analysis – Lion Essays

Jinkies Restaurant
Directions: Complete an industry analysis for your business idea. Include the following: • Describe the industry for your proposed new business • Describe the size, growth rate, and sales projections of the industry associated with the proposed new business • Describe the industry structure and competitive landscape • Outline environmental and business trends associated with the proposed new business • Cite a minimum of 3 references used for the industry analysis of your business. Review the Web Resources by Topic.
Complete this assignment in a 3 page paper with appropriate APA formatting.Review your “Locker” for industry analysis completed in the Entrepreneurship course.
Utilize the following websites for your research: Some of the resources that will be useful for the industry analysis are as follows:NAICS codeIBISWorldMintelCEOExpressYahoo! Industry Center – Provides a directory of industries, along with a list of the companies in each industry, the latest industry-related news, and performance data on the top companies in an industry. Trade and Professional Association Directories – Directories provide access to the website addresses of trade associations in all fields. The trade associations can be contacted to obtain information on all areas of feasibility.


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