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April 19, 2022
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April 19, 2022
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Information Management in Practice – My Nursing Assignment

To prepare:

Referring to the Phillips statement above and this week’s Learning Resources, consider how your current or previous work setting could benefit from an information management analysis.
Locate the mission statement for your health care organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Consider how current information management practices support the organization’s mission statement. If there is a lack of evidence of support, what changes could be made to strengthen these practices?
Reflect on how data is organized into information, and the information is then used to create knowledge. How is this data-information-knowledge model used in your organization? Consider how using this model could improve practice within your organization.

Post a brief description of your selected organization’s information management practices and an explanation of how the organization could benefit from an information management analysis. Explain the degree to which the organization’s current information management practices support its mission statement and provide suggestions for strengthening these practices. Evaluate the use of the data-information-knowledge model within your selected organization and provide suggestions for how it could be used to improve practice within the organization.
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3. Matney, S., Brewster, P. J., Sward, K. A., Cloyes, K. G., & Staggers, N. (2011). Philosophical approaches to the nursing informatics data-information-knowledge-wisdom framework. Advances in Nursing Science, 34(1), 6–18
4. Thompson, T. L., & Warren, J. J. (2009). Are they all data? Understanding the work of organizational knowledge. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 23(4), 185–186.
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