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June 1, 2021
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June 1, 2021
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Internal business proposal presentation


The purpose of this assignment is to
draft an internal business proposal presentation to share with organization
personnel you would like to have sponsor or support you in the implementation
of the problem solution you have suggested. You will do this by creating a
PowerPoint presentation and filming yourself giving the presentation. You will
post the filmed presentation to the YouTube website.

Review the stakeholder analysis you
completed in Topic 3 to determine the key stakeholders that will make up the
audience for this presentation. Focus on identifying decision makers that will
have the power and resources to approve the implementation of the solution.
These are typically your supervisors and key organization personnel.

Construct a 5-10 slide PowerPoint
presentation that addresses the following. Include speaker notes for each

  1. Problem and related research
  2. Proposed solution and related research
  3. Details for implementing the solution
  4. Details for evaluating the effectiveness of the

As part of the presentation, you
must include slides that provide text along with visual representations of the
data you have collected. The visuals should include the three graphs or charts
that you created from the data collected in your research during Topic 2.

Refer to the resource,
“Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student
Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the
appropriate style.

Once the presentation is complete,
you will film yourself pitching the idea to the stakeholder audience. It is
important that you dress for success and practice your presentation prior to
filming it. Assume you will be talking to organization leadership not as a
student, but as a change maker within the organization. In the presentation,
your job is to use the PowerPoint as a tool and visual reference while you
present the problem, your proposed solution, and your plan for implementing the
solution. The key to success is utilizing your research and presentation skills
to clearly articulate the information to these key stakeholders while also
identifying their specific call to action.

After you have practiced your
presentation, record it, and post it to the YouTube website. Use the Topic
Materials to adjust the privacy settings to ensure that only designated viewers
can access your YouTube video. Submit the completed PowerPoint presentation and
YouTube video link to your instructor for review and feedback.


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