An Elderly Widow Who Just Lost Her Spouse
January 14, 2022
Nurses are always faced with BURN-OUT and most facilities are yet to find solution to this problem.
January 14, 2022
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Introductory Memo

For our first assignment of the course, let’s practice writing in a concise style using a very common document format in the workplace: the memo.Here’s a sample memo template to useDownload Here’s a sample memo template to use, and you can also refer back to the Week 1 activity for more information about memos.For this assignment, use the template linked above to follow the memo format, and respond to the following questions in the content of your memo:Paragraph 1: Why are you writing this memo (i.e., remind the reader that this is your response to Dr. Fleitz’s questions posed in this assignment)? What will you cover in this memo?Paragraph 2+: Respond to Dr. Fleitz’s questions: What made you want to take this course? How do you plan on using the information and skills you’ll learn in this course in the future, such as in future courses or in your future career?Last paragraph (may be as brief as one or two sentences): Conclude your memo on a note of goodwill with the reader (e.g., “I look forward to talking with you further…”), and explain how you can be contacted if the reader has any questions.Good luck!


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