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September 9, 2021
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September 9, 2021
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ITEC 3010 WU Creating a Wireless Network & Major Categories of Technology Essay

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Assignment: Creating a Wireless Network

Every time you access a wireless network—whether through a phone, laptop, or other portable communication device—you interact with a carrier that provides access to the network. For this Assignment, you will design your own fictional cellular network.

Consider your knowledge and experience and decide what elements you would want in a cellular network. Identify the following:

  • Major categories of technology used in your network, such as towers, switches, central offices, and mobile handsets. Select specific technologies and quantities in each category. For example, your network could require five lattice cellular towers.
  • The underlying technology used in your cellular network, such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). What happens when one cellular device tries to communicate with another? What happens when a cellular device moves from one cellular area to another?
  • Users who will have access to your network
  • How you will control network access to protect it from freeloaders.

Keep in mind that building and securing a network can be an expensive undertaking. Consider the costs when planning your network.

Address these points in a 2- to 4-page report that is well-organized and contains grammatically correct, complete sentences that are free of spelling errors. Your report should conform to APA style.

Assignment: Creating a Wireless Network


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