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February 11, 2021
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February 11, 2021

Kinetic Energy Questions Physics Test Help

hello! please help me with these questions. if you could please word it how a junior in high school could understand with sig figs please.

Describe at least three of the transformations from one form of energy to another that occur in changing nuclear energy at a power plant to the energy delivered to your home via an electrical wall outlet. Be sure to specify what form of energy is changed to what other form at each step.

Explain how potential energy, kinetic energy, and total mechanical energy change form in a swinging pendulum, and how the speed changes as a pendulum swings back and forth without friction. Include the pendulum at its initial position, when it is moving downward, when it is at its lowest point, and when it is on the rise again.

A 0.200 kg air-track glider moving at 1.20 m/s bumps into a 0.600 kg glider at rest.

Find the total kinetic energy after collision if the collision is elastic.
Find the total kinetic energy after collision if the collision is completely inelastic.

the third question (3 parts) would be great if hand written. the rest could be typed would be just fine.


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