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April 20, 2022
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April 20, 2022
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Knowledge-Based Application

Imagine that the Medical Staff at your hospital (which is part of an integrated health system of network hospitals, a nursing home, multiple physician practices), is purchasing a new, knowledge-based application to be integrated within their organizational EMR. However, during the medical staff meeting, it becomes clear that end-user needs are not clearly defined for the new knowledge-based application.InstructionsDevelop a needs assessment for this knowledge-based application and address integration issues and different end-user requirements at the different locations. Your needs assessment should be no longer than three pages. Within your assessment you will need to:Define how you will conduct the needs assessment.Note how will you guide the physicians in defining their end-user needs.Define basic components of how the knowledge-based system should be implemented.Determine who is the best department to manage the knowledge-based system once live.Your assessment form should be in Microsoft Word format.Cite all sources in APA format.Submit your needs assessment for grading.Reminder: You must upload your completed documents using Browse My Computer. Then, hit the Submit button to successfully complete the assignment submission process. Do not copy and paste text into the text box.


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