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October 10, 2021
After some discussion and research in class, students are to identify and investigate a trend, development or current issue in Business and Enterprise. Students must identify, select, analyse, and evaluate primary and secondary resources of information about the trend, development or issue and make recommendations based on their findings.
October 10, 2021

Kpi dashboard for medical billing


Are you able to assist with a KPI dashboard for medical billing  that includes benchmarks. Also attached is a dashboard but it doesn’t include measurements to show on or below target.

  • The KPIs and benchmarks will include Net Collection Rate (Internal Benchmark >97%-Industry Benchmark >95%)
    • (Payments-Credits)/(Charges-contractual adjustments)X100
  • Days in AR (Internal Benchmark < 40 days-Industry Benchmark < 45 Days)
    • Divide Total AR by Average Daily Charges
  • AR % over 120 days (Internal Benchmark <20% of Total AR-Industry Benchmark <25% of Total AR)
    • Divide Total AR by AR over 120 days
  • Net AR ( Internal Benchmark <10% of annual charges-Industry Benchmark <10% of annual charges)
    • 6 Month Avg Charges-Payments-Adjustments=Net AR
  • Clean Claim Rate (Internal Benchmark Under 2%-Industry Benchmark 5%)  

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