“Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal” Please explain how this b
July 23, 2020
How female employees perceive bias in the performance appraisal process, and performance related pay
July 23, 2020

leadership 239

  • Use the Internet to research someone you believe to be an ethical leader of a company. Focus on his or her actions of ethical leadership that support your viewpoint. Next, define what you believe constitutes ethical leadership. Provide two (2) examples of the selected leader’s actions that fit your definition of ethical leadership.
  • Evaluate the leadership of a leader in your organization, or prior organization, in terms of the seven (7) habits of ethical leaders. Determine one (1) area in which this leader could improve upon, and suggest one (1) action that this leader could take in order to do so. Note: Please do not identify workplaces or leaders by name.

*This is not an essay . Each answer should be about a paragraph .


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