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Explain multicultural communication and its origins.
July 8, 2019
When used effectively, international strategies provide the following three basic benefits: increased market size, economies of scale, and location advantages.
July 8, 2019

Life Cycle Starbucks Beverages

Prompt: In this milestone, consider the sustainability of your idea in the marketplace from initial inventory to subsequent sustainment in the supply chain.

Specifically, examine the company’s own inventory as a starting point—that inventory came from a supplier—which is where your supply chain starts.

Additionally, your finished product will travel downstream along the supply chain by means of shippers, distribution centers and then finally, to a retailer. These

components should be outlined in this paper.

Identify and describe the technologies you intend to use along the company’s supply chain such as RFID tagging and bar coding, e-procurement, and 3PL. Identify

and justify your clicks or bricks decision, that is, your rationale for brick-and-mortar locations or internet services or a combination of both. The paper should

identify the key data needed to support the functions of inventory management and supply chain management.

You should describe the life cycle of the business idea. Focus your response on the future of the business idea, specifically on its growth and eventual decline.

Assess the profit generation and cost-saving opportunities associated with the business idea based on the life cycle you described. Your assessment should be

supported with rationale. Determine a phase-out plan for your business idea that ensures a sustainable solution that makes way for future innovation and profit


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