Business paper (EC)
February 9, 2021
Part A: Frank and Kathy are engaged to be married in your state, and both have agreed to enter into
February 9, 2021


Pick a topic that we cover in class (can be the same as the teaching activity or different) and make a 10-15 slide presentation reviewing the literature on something related to that topic. This is an individual assignment,  Your presentation should include the following:  Introduction –> Include a brief background of the topic (1-2 slides) Current Status of Knowledge –> Explain what is currently know about your chosen topic (7-12 slides) You must include information from two PRIMARY research articles in your presentation (If you are unsure what a primary research article is, there are some links in the Bonus and Assignments module). Conclusions and Future Studies –> Summarize what you found as your conclusions. Include what kind of research is still needed (2-3 slides) Make sure to include references (not included in the slide count).  You must also add a “script” in the notes section of each slide that indicates what you would say if you were presenting this in person.  Make sure it is visually appealing


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