humanities final project
April 19, 2022
To complete this assignment, refer to the Making Better Babies: Genetics and Reproduction video, linked in the Resources. This video examines the ethical concerns generated by the emergence of technol
April 19, 2022
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M8D1 Ethics – My Nursing Assignment

Now that we have covered a wide range of theories and philosophers, you have a final opportunity to put your knowledge into practice in this class and discuss your values with your classmates. How do you connect what you learned in this course with concrete actions you can take in the world? How might you comfortably analyze a popular video, equipped with the ethical knowledge you have learned in the last eight weeks? This activity aligns with module outcomes 1 and 2.
Discussion Question
Prepare for this discussion by completing your readings and viewings. Then respond to the following:

Visit the site, You can look at the latest petitions or click “browse” to see a list of featured, popular, or recent petitions. Choose an ethical issue for which you would either sign a petition or create one. Share the issue with the class, and in a sentence or two, explain why it is important to you.
Find a YouTube video that contains a contemporary and recent ethical issue. Analyze your chosen YouTube video from the perspective of one or several ethical theories we have covered in this course. In what way could the video compel the viewer to take action?

Evaluation Criteria
Initial Discussion Post
Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings from the module with proper APA style formatting.
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