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your recommendation as to whether or not she should ultimately be kept on or terminated.
July 8, 2019
Assignment 2( Disaster Recovery)
July 8, 2019

Maintaining and improving Operation

Write a paper on international project management within the context of planning, controlling, and improving global operations management projects

For this project, select a well-known, global manufacturer or provider of services. Examine the methods and systems with which this organization plans, controls, and improves global operations management projects. Be sure to include concepts from any or all of the units in this course.

The following are some project ideas:

Section One: Planning topics that include the following:

Global business environment

Barriers to trade


Organizational structures


Section Two: Controlling topics that include the following:

Operations management

Decision-making methods

Capacity planning

Section Three: Improving topics that include the following:

Quality control

Supply chain management

Enterprise resource management


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