How will blockchain change the global economy
January 14, 2021
Week 3 – AssignmentChild Maltreatment Policies BrochureThis assignment focuses on analyzing policies about child maltreatment in the United States where, as noted in the Week Three Instructor Guidance
January 14, 2021


Complete the marketing analysis & strategy of your proposed business. In this segment of your business plan you will include the following: I. Executive Summary. II. Current Marketing Situation (market description, services reviewed, competitors). III. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis. IV. Strategic plan (5 year strategic goals, marketing messages (e.g. slogan, tagline, etc.) for who? And how?, outline your promotional strategies).  Make sure to provide a model and/or frame of reference as part of your executive summary. The proposed business is Certified Aging in Place specialist on Productive Aging


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