September 9, 2021
For the electrochemical cell: Pt(s) | H2(1 atm) | H'(I M)I| C u2(1 M) Cu(s), which one of the following changes will cause an increase in the cell voltage?
September 9, 2021
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Medieval history assignment | History homework help

Here in attachment you have 3 attachments. 

1. Primary Source

2.  Secondary source 

3. Questions Template

** You will have to read the primary and secondary sources carefully and then answer the questions 1-9 from the primary source and questions from 10-16 from the secondary source. 

** You will have to cite the two source in(( CHICAGO Style ))under the sentence said (( Sources (list full title here in proper citation format))you will find this under the template attachment.  

** You can NOT find answers for the first question from google. You ONLY have to use the sources I attached. And for the 1st question; if you have the time that text was written, put it, BUT if you do not, do not search outside sources, just estimate what you think.  

** for questions 14-15. just answer in general because it is related to our class but just to know, our class is about medieval history. 

**  Answer all of the questions on the source template. Your answers should provide good detail and indicate that you have spent time reading and re-reading the source. To be successful, you should read your source carefully, take notes and re-read your source. 

**Provide developed answers, which will usually mean a few sentences or a short paragraph or two depending on the particular question you are answering. The template is 399 words. Your word total should be between 1000-1200 words in addition. After answering your questions, the total word count will be between 1399-1599 words. 

Thank you 


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